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This digital file was part of a larger exhibition, Utopia Without You at HOLDING Contemporary in Portland, Oregon, Sept 6th - Oct 13th 2018

The game depicts a strange isolated planetoid that the player can rotate. Over time the scene shifts into different geologic eras. Sometimes the long view is best. An ambiguous narrative emerges over the aeons.

You can view documentation of the complete project here:


Overall project statement:

Utopia Without You is an elegy for American liberalism using the novel and nested forms of insulation that have helped make its death so palatable. Fashioned as a kind of gamer den of the apocalypse it ruminates on trans-pessimism and isolation as a Pyrrhic survival technique. Nestled within the velvet trap of the den there is freedom from visibility: both the threat of violence, and the horrors of being consumed like so many ill-digested ally cookies. Conversely, the Skinner box of the digital attenuates one to some combination of viciousness and vapidity. This is the bind, finding human connection in a way that acknowledges and transcends the pain of the real while evading the hunter's snares.

Original score by Rook: https://adarook.bandcamp.com/

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorTabitha Nikolai
Tagsartgame, Dystopian, Experimental, Relaxing, Short


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love this. the textures in this game are pretty astounding. i really like the feel of mouse + WASD but WASD rotates the image in sort of unwieldy ways (rather than the traditional move) -- feels disorienting and off kilter in a really striking way. i only saw one scene (the tree scene) but the feeling that the environment could change at any moment gave it a real sense of life and dynamism in an interesting way. would love to put this up in the background some time to see more of the scenes :) just lovely!

btw, if you don't already know them you might like GURN GROUP's games! they make little games that feel like they share a similar space with this :)


AH TYSM for taking the time to play! The wasd rotation is v weird--it was originally made to be controlled by a giant trackball in an art show, and awkwardly coded to boot. The textures were supes fun to work on, and yes, probably at its best just as a weird background experience, an hors d'oeuvre in a larger psychic soiree.

I don't already know GURN GROUP, but I aspire to be a HNW individual and am over the moon to start checking out their work! Thank you for the solid rec <3


omg that trackball is huge haha, and super pretty wow. trackball controller makes a lot of sense for this! and np!! :)