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Recursion Plaza is a procedurally generated dead shopping mall experience. In this purgatory of capitalism's inextricable excesses and failings there is a dream of a kind of vanished commons--a place we once browsed together before Schumpeter's gale drove us into our homes and deeper into ourselves.

The cathedral carcass of a dead whale that fed your town for decades. You stroll the promenade huffing fumes and recalling oilier times.

An eternal Sunday afternoon in Fall. Outisde it's cold, but here under the skylight it's warm and pretzel scented, and you can pretend you don't have school in the morning.

You can go deeper into the feeling or you can try to flee from it, but you will always be where you are.

The soundtrack for this experience was created by Dani Lee Pearce: danileepearce.bandcamp.com

This project was produced for the exhibition Dire Jank at apexart organized by Porpentine Charity Heartscape:


Some technical support was provided by Jeremy Rotzstain, and Seanna Musgrave.


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I would recomend changing the skybox to an actual sky and mark sliding doors and the arcade game on the map. I also recommend using the Wave Function Collapse. Itch user marian42 made a city generator using Wave Fuction Collapse which you can use.


An amusing creation!  A few things:

1) It's hard to navigate escalators.

2) It seems often escalators go to single rooms.

Thanks for playing and for your generous feedback! Yeah, the escalators are scaled a bit small. Not sure why they may lead to single rooms more often. I'll scope out the room connector types and see about adjusting the ratios for a future release.

I wonder if this would work well with the Wave Function Collapse engine, if you've seen that.

I'm a newb, but I'll look at that, thank you!